Is Microsoft Forcing Windows 10 Upgrades Once Again?

A strategy that has already backfired for Microsoft may be at play again! There are reports that the software titan is forcing upgrades to Windows 10 on some PCs.

Without user authorization.

This story cites a number of user reports claiming that systems running older versions of the operating system are upgraded to version 1709, which is the Fall Creators Update, in some cases where Windows Update is turned off.

Installation started with no advanced warning on systems running both Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Windows 10 Creators Update.

Version 1607 and 1703, respectively.

What’s more interesting is that even if Windows Update is turned off to automatically block updates and upgrades on a specific computer, the Update Assistant comes into play and starts the installation process to deploy the newest version of the OS.

No comments from Microsoft on this, up until now.

However, an advisory that the company published on March 5 indicates that computers running older versions of Windows 10 than the Creators Update may see a notification stating that the latest security updates are not installed.

Basically, while upgrades to the Fall Creators Update are not exactly linked to security updates, Redmond does make it clear that Windows Update will try to update the device.

With the guarantee that nothing starts until the users click the Update now button to begin the process.

That is all well and good, but there have been cases in the past where the company had been sued for these forced Windows 10 upgrades, with customers claiming that their PCs installed the operating system without authorization.

Obviously, these are early reports, but the last thing Microsoft wants is to entangle itself in something like this once again.

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