Is Microsoft missing out on a 7-inch tablet opportunity?

Would 7-inch Windows Tablets appeal to anyone? While there are many reasons to love Windows 8/RT, I believe they have two things really going for them in the tablet space: they have desktop legacy functions that are familiar to Windows users and they are being billed as content creation devices. With built-in keyboards and hybrid designs for most Win8/RT tablets we’ve seen so far, it is clear that vendors and MS want people to think of these devices as more than just content consumption toys. A 7-inch tablet doesn’t work well for legacy desktop or content creation. Considering the plethora of cheap Android tablets that already dominate this space, MS might just realize that their strengths play to better to larger 10-13 inch tablet devices. While Windows 7-inch tablets might not be as popular I don’t think this means we will never see one, especially if/when MS opens up its licensing of RT to more vendors. What do you think, would you like a 7-inch tablet with Windows or would you prefer to stick to a bigger-screen device? Is Microsoft missing out on an opportunity here or does their future lay with larger screen sizes?]]>

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