Is Microsoft Pushing The New Edge Too Hard?

Microsoft Edge

It may not look like so to an outside looking in, but there are some who believe that Microsoft is pushing the new Edge web browser rather too aggressively.

The company kicked off the rollout recently, pushing Edge as an automatic update on Windows 10 devices. This, after officially launching the new Chromium based browser in early 2020, and allowing users to manually download it.

Since then, Edge is showing up on Windows Update whether you like it or not, the browser automatically launches after a reboot, shortcuts are scattered across the desktop and the taskbar, it launches in full screen mode, and even imports data from other browser without consent.

Redmond also continues to promote its latest creation via ads across its software and services.

Yet, the approach Microsoft seems to have taken to push Edge on Windows 10 devices is considered by many to be rather aggressive.

Folks are claiming that the software titan is pushing too hard for users to install the new browser, going so far as turning to notifications that show up on the desktop to download the new Edge — even if the web browser is already installed on the device.

In other words, Microsoft can’t determine if Edge is already running on a machine, and serves up the notification to download the browser.

Sometimes, even when Edge is already running.

Easy to see the company being excited in asking users to give its latest creation a try, but there is a thin line between being eager and aggressive. Which, it seems like, Microsoft crosses every now and then, without regard to the overall user experience.

Insisting too hard often backfires, so an aggressive campaign like this may not be the best way to go.

What do you think?

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