Is Microsoft Teasing A Modern File Explorer?

File Explorer

Microsoft sure seems to be in a teasing mood lately! This time, the company has intriguingly teased what looks to be a modern version of the File Explorer designed for Windows 10.

This comes soon after the software titan shared a Start Menu design with rounded corners.

Put two and two together, and it’s no secret that Redmond is working on a design revamp for its operating system. One that is long overdue, and likely takes into account the various concepts that designers across the world have envisioned for the platform.

Getting back to the File Explorer, however, we have this post on the Windows Experience blog that describes the Endpoint Data Loss Protection feature for Microsoft Edge. And it includes this screenshot of the browser warning about protected content being uploaded.

Modern File Explorer

But interestingly, we can also see an open window of what could be a modern File Explorer underneath.

While it’s hard to tell whether this is simply an internal mockup, or maybe just a file picker for OneDrive, but one thing is for sure that it is fully aware of the Fluent Design philosophy that the company seems to now be actively following.

And this could be welcome news, considering the fact that apart from Dark Mode support, nothing much has changed in File Explorer in the recent past.

Even third-party apps like Files UWP look much better — in terms of visual vibes, at least.

What do you think about this?

Is Microsoft really teasing a modern file explorer for Windows 10 that improves upon the current iteration? Or are we looking at something else altogether?

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