Is Microsoft's support of Apple iPhones and iPads with Windows Intune suicidal?

Microsoft Management Summit. At the Microsoft Management Summit, Microsoft shares deep hands-on technical training and best practices in the areas of desktop and device management, datacenter, and cloud technologies. One of the news items that jumped out at me was the new enhancements for the Windows Intune product. Windows Intune is a Microsoft cloud-based management solution that provides tools, reports and an upgrade license to the latest version of Windows to help keep organizations’ PCs up-to-date and secure from virtually anywhere. [caption id="attachment_15996" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Windows Intune"]Windows Intune[/caption] Here’s what jumped out at me:

Mobile Device Management

The next release of Windows Intune will integrate with Windows Server Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server, allowing IT to manage the many devices brought into the workplace, even if they’re not owned by the organization. IT will also be able to use Windows Intune to set security policies for mobile devices and enforce password protection, encryption and even kick off a remote wipe if a device is compromised. Windows Intune’s mobile device management will support any device with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync capabilities, including Windows Phone, iOS and Android.
At first blush, this seems really great because of the proliferation of a plethora of devices in organizations today. It sounds like Intune will provide valuable device management functionality for admins in these organizations. However, in light of the fact that Apple is making major inroads into the enterprise, this seems like Microsoft has decided that they won’t fight this trend but will instead try to control/manage it? Is it just me or is this a major green light for organizations who have been on the fence about deploying Apple products in their Windows environments? Seems to me like a really good day for Apple enterprise salespeople as they can take this information to sales demos and pitch it this way – “No need to worry about our devices in your environment, Microsoft support the iPhone and iPad – it’s a win/win“. What do you think?]]>

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