Is there a Facebook Windows 8 app in the works?

[UPDATE: Microsoft actually makes that app from what I’m hearing, so maybe the same thing will happen with Windows 8?] So what’s the story here? Facebook is probably the #1 reason most folks use the Internet today and so having an app for Windows RT/8 seems like a no-brainer. More than likely there are a few potential possibilities here: 1) Microsoft tends to expand the “People” app to cover everything that you can do with Facebook. Such features already exist, but arguably the People app could be better. Perhaps even Facebook is getting involved with the project? 2) Facebook is building an app and for whatever reason Microsoft and social network are keeping it quiet for now. 3) Facebook is reformatting its website to offer a “touch friendly” version for the IE10 Metro browser. There is also the possibility that we just aren’t getting any better Facebook integration and support than what we have now, but somehow I doubt it. What do you think is the reason why Microsoft and Facebook seem to be holding silent about the possibility of the social network getting its own official app? [ source ]]]>

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