Is This The Windows 10 Control Center?

It was all the way back in 2017 that Microsoft announced a new addition to Windows 10, in the form of a Control Center that would be accessible via a taskbar icon.

We’ve not heard anything major on this feature since then, other than the initial confirmation that it would allow users to easily enable options like network connectivity, airplane mode, night light, mobile hotspot and battery saver.

Basically, the daily hustle and tussle of using a PC.

And if you’re asking what’s the point, considering the fact that all these options are already available in the Action Center, then it is a very valid question. Microsoft has a very valid answer here, as the company wants to simplify and make everything straightforward.

Hence the separation of these buttons from the notification panel in the operating system.

Anyway, long story short, while work on the Control Center presumably started last year, the current Insider build don’t offer it.

However, some fine folks have come across a screenshot for a Microsoft app called Screen Sketch that shows the Control Center placed on the taskbar in the form of a little gear icon.


Windows 10 Control Center Leak

Users are provided access to Control Center right from the taskbar, with hopefully easy access to all these abovementioned options from a signal panel.

More so, if this screenshot has made its way out, and provided it is genuine, then we can look forward to see this new feature in one of the upcoming Redstone 5 builds. It usually doesn’t take too long for new additions to make their debut in preview version after they are sighted.

Redmond is on track to finalize Redstone 5 sometime in September, ahead of the public rollout in October this year.

Meaning, we’ll be treated to these exciting new additions, anytime now.

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