Is Windows 10X the future of Windows?

June 18, 2020

The question for this new decade! Microsoft has been awfully mum on Windows 10X, the newest version of Windows that it is cooking up. Save for a few base outlines, the company is yet to talk detail.

What this basically means is that the primary purpose of Windows 10X is still unclear.

This new iteration of the OS is being billed as the harbinger of a new generation of devices — hardware that will be simpler and free of the weight of legacy elements that, in many ways, defines the current versions of Windows.

Yet, despite this, the Redmond-based company has not been forthcoming about the primary purpose of Windows 10X, or why anyone might actually want to use it.

This opinion piece shares these same concerns.

Raising the question whether Windows 10X truly is the future of the platform, the direction Microsoft wants to take Windows? Or will it suffer the same fate as previous such ventures that deviated from tradition?

Ventures like Windows RT, or even its rebirth, Windows on ARM.

One thing is for certain, though, that this new flavor of Windows will leverage the power of the cloud to enable new ways to work, learn and play. Panos Panay, the new chief of Windows and devices at Microsoft made this clear in the blog post above.

And this simply reaffirms the key fact that Windows 10X is meant for mobile devices rather than traditional desktops.

For more key facts and speculation regarding this upcoming variant of Windows, hit up the link above and scan the article. It’s an excellent read.

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