Is Windows 8 for tablets dead on arrival in 2012?

March 17, 2011

So in light of the fact that Apple has just released the Ipad 2 and that been a great success, it makes you wonder what chances a Windows 8 tablet will have against Ipad 3 in 2012.

The following article slams home the point even more..

Enterprises will buy 50 times as many tablets in 2011 as they did in 2010, making them almost as common as netbooks.

That’s great news for Apple — and perhaps some of its tablet competitors like Research In Motion, which is targeting IT departments with features like security. But it’s not great for Microsoft, which won’t have a tablet competitor out until Windows 8 in late 2012.

The prediction comes from U.K. market researcher Canalys, which says that enterprises bought about 20,000 tablets (or “pads”) in 2010, but will buy more than 1.1 million this year — a growth rate of more than 5,000%. Canalys also says that netbook sales will increase slightly, from 1.5 million to 1.8 million.

Both numbers pale against sales of traditional notebooks to enterprises, which will increase 11% to 96 million this year, Canalys predicts. Most of those notebooks will run Windows, so Microsoft’s hold on the enterprise will remain relatively safe for now.

But consumerization is a big trend in IT. That means where consumers go, enterprises eventually follow.

And the consumer market contains much worse news for Microsoft. Canalys predicts that Apple and its competitors will sell 50 million tablets (up 200%) to consumers this year, versus 32 million netbooks (down 14%) and 113 million notebooks (up only 5%).


Seems to me that Netbooks are a solution without a problem at this point.

Why buy a smaller laptop when you can buy a tablet? – But I digress.

If this article is accurate, Microsoft might just have shut themselves out of the enterprise tablet market. In 2012, I can’t see a bunch of IT execs wanting to order 1000 untested first gen Windows 8 tablets vs 1000 3rd gen Ipads.

Maybe it’s just me..

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  • Not just you dude, these guys are ridiculous. The iPad is 100 times better than any other tablet and will be even better in 2012.

    Msft should stick to software…

    Raheem March 17, 2011 6:32 pm Reply
  • You know, i wonder with you even bother to have a blog related to Windows 8 if you have such a lack of faith in Microsoft capabilities.
    Morever, i think that you should focus on keeping up with Windows 8 related news(AERO Lite for example or next gen WIndows gaming) for this blog instead of continuously showing us how much you seem to love Apple.
    Even if Apple make good products, these products do not deserve the success they have as whatever other company which would produce similar or even products would have much less success. Thus these products are that successful, and mainly in U.S guess why, because of Apple image.
    Regarding tablet, i seriously fail to see what is so impressive with a device as limited as either the iPad or the Galaxy Pad or even the Xoom. Thus i can care less that Microsoft come with a Tablet solution or not. If i either want a Tablet like device i would go for something like the Dell Streak which has a bigger screen than a normal smartphone yet is much more mobile than the alike of iPad or Galaxy Tab. Btw, i would have really like that WP7 target such devices rather than ordinary smartphones.

    Timiteh March 18, 2011 11:46 am Reply
  • I think i have to agree with you, major businesses will wait until at least the 2nd generation tables / slates, or wait until windows 8 sp1 is released, so the first waves of customers will be from normal consumers. I still believe that Microsoft will have fierce competition with apple, and will have to have some killer features to get people to buy windows tablets instead of apples ipads.

    xinu March 18, 2011 4:13 pm Reply

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