Is Windows Blue simply what Windows 8 should have been in the first place?

Windows Blue is real, this much we now know. We also continue to learn about new and amazing features that add to and enhance the Windows 8 experience compared to how we know it today.

There is a lot of improvement making its way over to Blue, especially considering it will only be a year since the OS first launched. I appreciate what Blue is and how this potential yearly updates will better shape the future of Windows but you have to wonder:

Should Blue have even been necessary in the first place?

Plenty of critics are starting to weigh in on what Windows Blue is bringing to the table, and many of them admit that they are features that truly make the Modern UI and even the desktop switching experience sound much better.

That said, these same critics are often referring to the way Windows Blue is now arriving the real Windows 8, with Windows 8 itself just being a really, really long public Beta. I have to admit, I somewhat agree.

Generally with Service Packs or even full blown new versions of Windows, the purpose is to improve and enhance the experience. Sometimes new features make life easier and so on. With Windows Blue, many of the new ‘features’ seem like essential pieces that should have been there in the first place such as being able to operate more settings in the modern UI for tablet users, same with the Modern UI customization features.

Shouldn’t Microsoft have just waited another 6-12 months to release Windows 8? Doing so would have created a product that was much more solid and would have solved some of the problems people are complaining about today.

It isn’t that simple…

I agree that in some ways, Windows 8 feels more like a Beta compared to what is coming in Windows Blue. That said, I understand that Windows 8 isn’t just another version of Windows, it is almost like launching a whole new OS. It is a version 1 product and was bound to have problems.

If Microsoft would have waited off a little longer? It might have been a better first experience for some users, but it is still dramatically different and would have come under fire. Even worse, there wouldn’t be much new or different to add to “fix” the situation a few months or even a year down the road.

With Windows 8, Microsoft was able to get people used to their vision for the future. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a great stepping stone. Windows Blue and beyond is the ‘real deal’. It is no longer about transitioning us to a new path, it is about running with that path full-force.

If you need another reason why Microsoft couldn’t afford to wait for Windows 8 to be more feature-complete like Windows Blue, the tablet market has already been a very tough cookie for Microsoft to crack– imagine if they had waited ANOTHER year.

What do you think, do you feel that Windows Blue is what Windows 8 should have been? Does it bother you that Microsoft didn’t have the OS more refined out of the gate or do you think that no matter what they would have produced, it would have came under fire? Share your thoughts below.

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