iSuppli Puts Surface RT Sales At Around 750,000 Units

Market analysts at iSuppli are one of the more trusted around when it comes to statistics. And while we have had some drastically varying figures when it comes to Surface RT numbers, this new estimate might be closer to the truth.

This much is clear that since its late October release, sales of Microsoft’s first tablet have fallen rather short of what Redmond was hoping. Most industry experts have put the number at a nice round 1 million, while others have gone in as low as 250,000 units.

According to CNET, IHS iSuppli analyst Rhoda Alexander says that shipments of Surface RT into the channel were about 1.25 million, but sales in the channel were significantly lower, somewhere on the order of 55 to 60 percent of that figure.

This essentially puts it at somewhere between 680,000 and 750,000 units sold.

Alexander further says that this kind of sales percentages is not unusual — sales of several new Android devices were recorded at this level. This invention carryover from one quarter to the next was the reason why Microsoft had to reportedly cut production of Surface RT very recently.

Still, while the slate failed to totally impress, it must be kept in mind that both the Surface RT and Windows RT were new products, and this is something that always has a say in sales.

Ultimately, Rhoda believes this will make Microsoft partners rethink their RT devices strategy, and wonder where is the win for them in this?

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