It Is Now Easier To Update Drivers In Windows Update

Windows 10 Drivers

Microsoft keeps on with its quest to improve the experience with Windows Update, and the next focus for the company seems to be in the driver department.

You know, that little firmware that keeps hardware chugging along nicely.

The software titan announced recently that Windows 10 version 2004 and beyond will change the way optional updates are deployed via Windows Update. These are also referred to as manual updates, and this change is designed to provide more control over them.

As explained:

“In the past, when a user connected a peripheral device (a web camera, for example) to their machine for the first time, and that device had a manual driver (formally known as an optional driver) available on Windows Update, the manual driver was automatically installed on the user’s machine. The user had no control over the decision.”

So, what happened was when you connected a new device to your computer and it found no automatic driver updates existing, Windows 10 just downloaded the optional driver without asking for your consent.

Now, though, you will have the option to choose if you want to install the optional drive updates. And if you do, then you must do the whole thing manually.

This new approach comes into effect on November 5, and will only be available on version 2004 of the operating system for the time being. Little chance that Redmond will enable the change on previous versions of Windows 10, so your best bet is to upgrade to a newer version of the OS.

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