IT Professionals Eyeing Upgrade to Windows 8?

November 3, 2011

Will they migrate Will they migrate[/caption] The first reason is that that many IT pros already have enough projects in the works and adding the hassle and frustration of a full-scale upgrade isn’t on their priority list. The second reason for avoiding the switch has to do with concerns about hardware compatibility. According to Microsoft, compatibility isn’t a real issue and Windows 8 should be fully backwards compatible. Despite what Redmond says, however, from a business point of few the features in Windows 8 look very alien. With of a tablet computer style, the new OS is better suited for touchscreens and other cutting-edge hardware that businesses don’t want to add to their expense list. Without adding the new hardware, there is less differences between Windows 8 and 7 that matter. Additionally, one of the best features of Windows 8 is that you can get the same experience on a tablet as you can on your desktop. So for businesses that already have invested in  Android tablets, this feature is moot. Although it is likely frustrating for Microsoft to see so many businesses clinging to the archaic Windows XP, it seems that more than half of these users may finally move onward to Microsoft’s more current options. If Redmond really wants to see Windows 8 become fully embraced by the remaining skeptics in the IT world, however, they will need to find ways to make Metro and other Win8 features more appealing. For example, business-focused METRO apps that could give the same type of performance and features on an enterprise desktop and enterprise tablet would be a compelling reason. For now, Windows 8 seems more geared towards casual users. Despite the casual feel of Windows 8, if the business world becomes more cross-platform friendly then Metro could certainly have its place in the business world.]]>

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