ITG Announces Windows 7/8 Smartphone

press release. I normally wouldn’t tell you that a press release is fun to read, but this one actually kind of is. Here are just a few quotes from the clearly semi-broken English release:

“Undoubtedly, the emergence of 4.3 inch xpPhone 2 will raise the Microsoft and Intel share price, as it changes the downhill status of Wintel and the view that the iphone and Android’s Smartphone will dominate the world.”
“Steve Jobs’ depart greatly reduces the worldwide Smartphone manufacturers’ pressure. But it only lasts for a while, as the xpPhone 2 emerges, making them feel much more piercing cold. iPhone is in the camp of mobile phone, internally competing with the rival of Android system. xpPhone is like a external challenger and doesn’t comply with any rule in the mobile phone camp. What a real revolution!”
As you probably can see by the examples I gave, ITG certainly thinks a lot of itself and its new product. Do I think that the xpPhone 2 will cause its competitors to quake in their boots and Microsoft’s stock price to skyrocket? No way in heck but still, the xpPhone 2 could again make a great ‘play thing’ for testing out Windows 8’s feasibility as a smartphone OS. What do you think of the new xpPhone 2, if the price was reasonable would you consider it? Share your thoughts below.]]>

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