It's Official, Skype is killing Windows Live Messenger off for good

A few days ago Windows 8 Update reported on the rumor that Live Messenger was getting the boot from Microsoft, in favor of Skype. While there was no official word to back it up, the transition seemed likely with Microsoft adding support for Microsoft accounts and Facebook into the latest version of Skype. Now it looks like it is a done deal. Microsoft has confirmed that it is in fact retiring WLM and urges consumers to download Skype and log in from there instead. While most of us already made the jump, there were still some loyal users clinging to the aging platform that might be at least a little annoyed by this move. How long do you have until Microsoft shuts its doors on its older messenger client for good? An exact date doesn’t seem to exist yet, but it is believed that the transition will be complete in early 2013, so time is limited. With Skype having all the main features users liked about WLM alongside voice calling and more, this really isn’t unexpected and makes a lot of sense. Why maintain two clients when you can simply merge and integrate the technology and experience? Source ]]>

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