Java Support For Windows XP To Continue, Oracle Confirms

statement, confirmed that these reports were inaccurate. And it further confirmed that users that are still on the 13-year-old operating system will receive updates:

“We expect all versions of Java that were supported prior to the Microsoft de-support announcement to continue to work on Windows XP for the foreseeable future. In particular, we expect that JDK 7 will continue to work on Windows XP. Security updates issued by Oracle will continue to be pushed out to Windows XP desktops. Users that download JDK 7 from or will continue to be able to install on Windows XP.”
This last bit is important, as a large number of software programs depend on Java, and security vulnerabilities are often discovered — only to be patched later. The company hopes that by the time 2015 is out, most users would have upgraded from Windows XP.]]>

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