Journal app now supports printing, custom ink colors

March 25, 2021
Journal App

If yesterday was all hardware news, today is the day for software. And we start things off with the shiny new Journal app that launched last month under the Microsoft Garage initiative.

The app is meant to rethink inking, as the team put it.

Journal lets users create pages of notes in a more familiar fashion to a physical notebook, as opposed to the infinite canvas of OneNote.

Journal Update

With the latest update, Microsoft is adding a color picker with custom colors for the ink, so notes can have a more personal touch. The app also detects different levels of pressure for pens that support pressure sensitivity. Put it another way, the experience should feel more realistic now.

Additionally, you can now insert images into a page using the + icon on the toolbar, in addition to dragging and dropping them.

Journal Insert and Print

And for those of you who want to turn their digital journal into a physical one, the app has also picked up support for printing pages. The pages can also be exported to OneNote now, as the team continues to add and refine features.

Speaking of features, while it’s not available right now, the team behind the project has also announced that it’s working on new page styles. This will let you create pages with different layouts based on your needs, and it’s coming soon.

Journal Ink Usage

Microsoft also shared some insights about the app, highlighting features like Scratch Out that has helped users correct mistakes quickly 98% of the time. Other fun stats including the percentage of users that have tried out the different features.

If you have a pen enabled Windows 10 PC, you can download Journal from Microsoft Store. The app is only available for the OS, and there is no indication that it’s coming to any other platform anytime soon.

Download: Journal

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