Julie Larson-Green Talks Windows Blue, Microsoft’s Vision Of Modern Computing

The Redmond-based software titan has been enjoying some amusing time in the media these past few weeks, with several senior executives sharing their thoughts and views in events and interviews.

Windows boss Julie Larson-Green recently took the stage at the Wired Business Conference.

And now she has shared more thoughts on Windows Blue in a little post on the official Windows blog. While on the whole she only offered pretty vague information, Julie explained that Windows Blue was set to continue the company’s vision of modern computing:

“At the WIRED Business Conference I announced we’d share the first public preview of what we are calling internally Windows ‘Blue’ in late June timed with the Build conference.

It’s an update to Windows 8 and builds on our vision of modern computing. An OS that lets apps work seamlessly together and put the things you care most about right at your fingertips. We are excited to share the next steps in this vision soon.”

The technology giant is fast applying finishing touches to Windows 8.1 (codename Windows Blue), with latest reports suggesting that developer preview builds of the upcoming OS have been sent to hardware vendors for testing purposes.

Microsoft, obviously, plans to iron out any bugs and issues in the next few weeks, as it prepares to release a public preview version of Windows Blue next month.

The stable release version is expected to see daylight two months after that, probably in August.

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