Kaspersky And Microsoft Are Friends Again

But are they best friends forever? Back in June Kaspersky took some extreme measures when it filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft for what the security provider claimed were anticompetitive practices from the software titan.

Basically, it cited the fact that Kaspersky software was being removed from Windows 10, while Windows Defender was pushed front, left, right and center instead.

Sure, Microsoft was quick to detail its security practices, saying that it disabled older versions of third-party software if they were incompatible with the operating system. Even going so far as to offering to meet Kaspersky executives to discuss their concerns, which the Russian firm did not entertain.

One reason why it, perhaps, launched this free version of its antivirus program.

But it is now coming to light that both companies have resolved their issues, and Kaspersky is dropping its complaint now that Microsoft has promised to make changes to Windows 10.

The software titan put up a fairly articulate post explaining that it has always valued customer security as a top priority, and is always in active discussions with AV vendors like Kaspersky to ensure that.

As a result, Redmond will be make some changes in the upcoming Fall Creators Update for Windows 10, where a persistent notification will be visible on screen if an antivirus application license has expired, and it will remain there until the user decides to renew their license or switch to Windows Defender.

Security vendors will be able to choose their own notifications and results, of course.

Appeased by these changes, Kaspersky has stated that it is grateful that Microsoft has addressed its concerns, announcing that it is dropping its antitrust complaint against the technology giant:

“We are absolutely satisfied with the changes that will be implemented in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and we will be taking all necessary steps to withdraw our claims and inform all regulatory bodies that we no longer have any matters for Microsoft to address.

We have a long history of cooperation with Microsoft, and we sincerely believe that these changes will make the cybersecurity market healthier, resulting in better protection for all users. Protecting information and the data that matters most to our users remains our primary goal.”

Microsoft capped things off by stating that it appreciates the feedback, and is pleased to have found common ground with Kaspersky Lab. And it will now directly work with AV vendors to resolve compatibility issues before the launch of major updates, while giving better visibility to roadmaps, too.

All’s well that ends in a well, I always say!

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