Kaspersky Labs No Longer Consider Any Current Microsoft Products as a Major Security Problem

a “day one security flaw” with Windows 8, you might be wondering just how secure Windows 8 and other Microsoft products are. According to Kaspersky Labs— pretty darn secure from the sounds of it. According to the security specialists, none of Microsoft’s products are in their “top 10 products with vulnerabilities” list. Direct from Kaspersky:

Microsoft products no longer feature among the Top 10 products with vulnerabilities. This is because the automatic updates mechanism has now been well developed in recent versions of Windows OS.
What is listed? Stuff like Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Adobe Shockwave for starters. Oracle Java and Apple’s iTunes and Quicktime are also on the list. Sure, Microsoft still has virus issues but they do a good job offering active fixes and even have built-in Virus protection in Windows 8 and optional free Microsoft Virus Protection for older versions. As Kaspersky loves to point out vulnerabilities and flaws they find, this is a good sign for Microsoft. That being said, Windows 8 is still a new product and there are likely going to be viruses and exploits down the road— still, Microsoft has certainly come along way when it comes to its security reputation. [ source ]]]>

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