Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO, Also Said To Be In The Running For CEO Seat

Well, I guess we know who the fifth musketeer is! The familiar old Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, is reportedly a part of the company’s final shortlist of candidates.

Reuters provided the latest update on the matter earlier this week, citing unnamed sources. The shortlist was said to be down to five men, and the story provided the name of four of them that are claimed to be in the running to become Microsoft’s next CEO.

And now Bloomberg has jumped into the mix with its own unnamed sources that and has named another person that could potentially become the next Redmond leader — Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s current chief operating officer.

Turner joined Microsoft in 2005, and is in charge of the company’s overall sales efforts as the COO.

Bloomberg also agrees with the other two internal Microsoft candidates, former Skype CEO Tony Bates and Satya Nadella, the cloud boss at the technology titan. Bates, by the way, is currently head of Microsoft’s business development and evangelism efforts.

The other two external candidates rumored to be on the list are Ford boss Alan Mulally, and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop who will be joining Microsoft back after the takeover deal is complete.

For many, however, Stephen Elop is not exactly an external candidate — at least when taking into account the big picture. Alan Mulally, on the other hand, is a name that has been in the news for quite some length of time and is pegged to be the frontrunner.

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