Kevin Turner’s Chances Of Becoming Microsoft CEO Have Reportedly Gone Up

For many, the current Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft was not very likely to take things over from Steve Ballmer and become the next CEO of the company. Surely not with names like Alan Mulally and Stephen Elop in the mix.

But according to a new report that cites undisclosed sources, the COO of Microsoft is now increasingly likely to take over the reins from Ballmer by the end of the year — at least temporarily, if nothing else.

The reason? The company’s committee in charge of finding a new leader sees him as the most logical choice for the vacant seat. He has spent the last 8 years at Redmond, and is obviously familiar with not just the day to day business at the company, but also Microsoft’s vision.

You know, the one that has Redmond embracing a devices and services approach.

Anyway, this is not most interesting part in this new report, far from it. It is being claimed that Kevin Turner is not actually seen as a long term solution for the role of the CEO — the committee is said to be looking for a temporary solution until they can find someone more suitable for the task.

So where does that place Stephen Elop, the other leading candidate?

Elop, it seems, will be readied for the job in the next two or three years, and would then be appointed as the next Microsoft CEO, as many still see him as the better leader to push the company towards the goal of long term profitability.

Again, file these bits as rumors (hefty rumors, at that) until we have some concrete evidence.

But what about you guys? See a CEO in Kevin Turner? Share your mind in the comment section below.

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