Kik Messenger Disappears

Kicked? Things just got a little worse for Microsoft’s under fire mobile OS, as another top messaging app has left the Windows Phone platform. Kik Messenger has been pulled for Windows 10 Mobile.

Just like that — without any official announcement or anything.

Fret not, if you have not heard this name before, because this messaging platform is not as big as some of the other big names in the industry. Like WhatsApp, Viber or what have you. Still, Kik was a top messaging application in some part of the world, and its departure is being felt.

No reason for this departure has been given, but it is easy to see why the developers felt the need to move away from the mobile operating system.

The Windows 10 Mobile user base, already small, had shrunk massively this year.

For companies like Kik, it did not make much sense to stick around.

Interestingly, even though this was a widely used program, Kik Messenger rarely received any updates on Windows Phone. The latest version of the app shipped all the way back in 2016, though the company frequently rolled out updates on both Android and iOS.

But despite that, it was one of the top messaging app in the Microsoft Store. Seeing it go is clearly a big loss for users that are still using Windows powered smartphones.

As things stand, Kik Messenger can no longer be downloaded on Windows phones, and links to the app have not only been removed from the Store, but also the company’s website. Direct links are no longer available, either.

That’s that, I suppose.

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