Kinect For Windows Commercial Program Launches Today

The Daily even claims it has seen two prototypes of ASUS Windows 8 laptops with integrated Kinect technology. If true, this is at least proof that Kinect will evolve into something more unique, useful, and innovative. Still, some might wonder what practicality motion gestures would have when you are already within reach of touching a multi-touch display. I suppose if Kinect became sensitive enough to read finger movements accurately (something you really can’t do with the 360 version), then maybe you’d just push your hand in a certain direction to move a web-page or document up/down/side-to-side. I could see that as useful, also tracking your head movements and adjusting accordingly in virtual-reality programs and games. Of course there are no pictures to back up the Daily’s claim. Supposedly the units have an array of small sensors stretching over the top of the screen where a webcam would normally be. Also, on the bottom of the display is a set of what appear to be LEDs. While new input methods like Kinect are still widely unproven, I’m interested to see where they take us and ultimately whether or not they prove a gimmick, or truly a long-term part of a wider revolution in the way we use computers and technology in general. [ source ]]]>

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