Komprise Helps Boone County Archive To Azure

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Helped by Komprise data management, Boone County government has archived its unstructured data in Azure cloud storage while at the same time reducing on-site storage.

As noted, like many local governments, this Indiana county accumulated a ton of records, court documents, audio and video recordings and other data over the years — most of which employees rarely, if ever accessed.

Boone County sought an economical way to archive the older data, an alternative to constantly adding on-site SAN storage, replication and backup hardware.

They turned to the Komprise Intelligent Data Management software in early 2017, and since then the county has freed up almost 80% of its on-premises storage by offloading data that had not been modified in a year to Azure Blob Storage.

Boone spent about two months on the initial data transfer over redundant 250 Mbps network pipes, and now stores about 25TB in the Azure object storage.

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As for Komprise, the biggest use case for its solution is customers that shift cold data from expensive primary storage systems to cheaper object-based storage archives in the cloud. Its analytics-driven management software enables customers to move data multiple times based on policies.

They then get native access to the object-based data in the cloud, without having to go back to the original source.

This native access helps minimize the threat of vendor lock-in for customers, which is an important consideration for many enterprise users that use cloud for data storage.

Komprise also offers the option of moving data up and down between cloud object storage and cloud-based file storage like Azure Files and Amazon Elastic File System. This opens up the possibility of doing primary work in the cloud.

The data that Boone has shifted to the cloud is still backed up locally to tape, but the county definitely has much less to back up now.

Even as it finds it faster to recall data from the Azure cloud via the Komprise console.

Give Komprise a look here.

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