KPMG Thinks That Windows 8 Is Too Much, Too Quickly

said that the move to Windows 8 was delayed for a few reasons. First off is the fact that the new operating system is too much, obviously referring to the UI changes that Windows 8 introduced. And secondly, it is too quick, as the company already upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 in the last couple of years. Moving to a number of new solutions like Office 2013 and Internet Explorer 11 along the way:

“We need to ensure we are disrupting the business as little as possible. Bringing in Windows 8 and mandating that as an operating system is too much. So we’ve decided to put it into the app store, and it will be ready soon for those employees who want to take it. I’ve accepted that we’ll have to run a dual standard for Windows but I’m not prepared to take the whole business on that journey; I think it’s too much, too quickly. It looks too different, although you can get used to it.”
The end result is that KPMG will delay the switch to Windows 8, fearing that the changes it brings could affect the productivity of employees. Ultimately, these are concerns that Microsoft would be hoping to fix with Windows 9.]]>

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