Kurt Eichenwald discusses the problems within Microsoft's culture – Video

  • Lack of innovation
  • Ballmer
  • Lack of motivation by employees
  • lead from behind culture
  • Dysfunctional ranking system
  • Break up business units etc
  • Here’s my take.. History rewards winners. If Windows 8 works well across the board and positively transforms the entire industry, Steve Ballmer will be seen as a genius who transformed Microsoft and got the company ready to compete in the mobile era. All the other blemishes will be forgotten (including Vista). If Windows 8 does not do well however, look for Microsoft to assemble a circular firing squad and there will be blood. If this does not succeed, Ballmer will have to go and Sinofsky may be right behind him. It’s going to take at least a year from the release of Windows 8 for the full Microsoft platform integration picture to be clear and then I think that analysts like Kurt will be better equipped to speak to the future of the company. (To be fair, he was looking backwards in his piece). Here’s the video:  ]]>

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