Laplink Is Releasing A Free Migration Tool For Windows 8 Beta

announced that it is planning to release a new version of its popular PC Mover software specifically for Windows 8 Beta. The new version of the software will  become available through starting January 5th of 2012. PC Mover is a program designed to migrate all your important files, programs, and settings from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Something to keep in mind is that you must have the 64-bit version of Windows 7 on your source machine and the new machine needs a 64-bit version of Windows 8 BETA (or WDP). This means that if you were planning on migrating files from Vista (or XP) to Windows 8 BETA you will need to look elsewhere for a tool to help you. The best part about PC Mover (at least for me) is that it won’t cost a dime. The folks at Laplink are using this version of PC Mover to promote Windows 8 testing and development, not to mention attracting new customers when its full version for the final Windows 8 release arrives. PC Mover Windows 8 Beta Assistant can be used as much as your heart desires up until July of 2012, at which point it will expire. For those who really want to test out Windows 8 but don’t want to have all the work associated with the process, this is a really welcome treat from Laplink. Will it seamlessly work with transferring all applications or will some still need reinstalled? For now that remains unseen, but I can promise you that when Windows 8 BETA arrives I will have a review for this tool talking about how well it worked for me. It’s nice to see companies get involved in developing tools for those of us testing Windows 8, although I can’t say this is anything new. When I was using Windows 7 Beta there were specific antivirus programs just for Windows 7 Beta and more, so this really isn’t any indicator of what developers think about Windows 8. So what do you think of Laplink’s release of a migration tool for testers? Will this help the company attract in more users when the final version comes out? Any other great Windows 8-specific tools out there that you’d want to tell us about here at Windows 8 Update? As always, share your thoughts below!]]>

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