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For those of you who have heard about all the hype about Windows 7 but not sure as to what function it will have in the windows line of products in the future? It’s the new Operating System developed by Microsoft that will eventually in time, supersede the need for the development of any service packs for Vista, and XP. Thus taking this new OS software to the next level, while stream lining the focus back to one generation of software for professionals and end users alike. In January of this year Microsoft released its beta version build 7000 program to the public for forum feedback and testing. And finally on May 5 2009 they released Windows 7RC (Release Candidate) for evaluation of the product prior to a much anticipated not yet announced release date.

In Review:

On April 4 2009 I was invited to Microsoft for a download fest, where IT Professionals, Web designers, and Partner’s of Microsoft could download Win 7 and be instructed on the new features and options this new OS software has to offer during a live presentation, and made privy to the fact of their reasoning behind it. First of all Windows 7 has been in development stage for three years, which is longer than any OS software Microsoft has released to date. The reason for this in sort as is as follows.

• They want the support of the IT professional, from the launch, instead of waiting for the first or the second service pack, to commit to the product as many do, Microsoft wants this product, the OS software of choice right from the launch.

• The bulk of the design of this OS software and features, have been developed through the feedback from many IT professionals, Web Designers, Partners and public, through its creation, to be integral and offer foundations, and features designed by you.

• Finally, with Vista not measuring up to the Microsoft standard, by being substandard in many ways as compared to 95, 98, and XP, Microsoft wants to “Rock This World” in a good way with this product, and in my eyes they are going to do just that, in every way!

Simply put! Window 7 has all the stability of XP and all the glitz and glamour Vista tried to do, and then offers more features that will blow you away with approach and design. Directories and files are all at your figure tips and displayed in the task bar. When clicked it opens to a library of documents, pictures, music, and videos, too chose from, or customize and organize files the way you want so they’re not hanging around on your desktop for easy access . Multi tasking from your desktop is made so much easier, by being able to work in two programs side by side and just wait to see how easy this is to do, no more dancing between programs or adjusting the programs within your screen to do so.

And finally functionality and all system features are easier to navigate, with new added features by IT Pro’s, for IT Pro’s, however so easy to understand a beginners can understand their way through these processes, and do as well.

Plus if you don’t understand the program comes up with various sources of ways to help, and it offers internal self checking in all key areas of concern. These are just a few of the features, of many to look forward to when released.

I must say when I first installed Windows 7 beta it run great I love it, however I used the upgrade feature from Vista and over the course of a one week period, funny things were happening so I crashed it, and reloaded 7 beta from scratch and all the problems went away, and it been stable with no signs trouble since that time.

There has been no trouble with compatibility issues, from a software, or hardware, stand point, and all other companies that support MS have all been onboard from the get go with this beta to insure its success. I have noticed that it has been a lot easier for my computer to maintain in terms of memory and processing speed, the fan to cool the processors barely comes on, which was not the case prior to the Win 7 installation, and it takes no time and its extremely fast to boot, less than two minutes from the password window, to complete desktop functions.

With Vista SP2 being released at the beginning of this month, (May 2009) I can honestly say I will not go back to Vista, Windows 7 now in release candidate is a clear winner, and I can’t wait for the final product when its released.

Windows 7RC is clear to operate without interruption until June of 2010, and with the fast turnaround from the beta to the release candidate one would expect the launch to be in the fall of this year. But it’s also a smart choice to take the time and fineness and tweak the product to insure sound and overwhelming success leading up to a January launch in 2010. This being the beginning of a new decade just prior to the winter Olympics would be terrific for Microsoft in terms of timing and theme.

From a marketing perspective a pre Christmas launch, would be ideal in terms of computer and software sales, during the up and coming season. For the IT professional and professionals, a January launch is the perfect fit in terms of budgeting, structuring, and implementing, the software during this time frame or period of time. Either way, Microsoft with Windows 7 will be everything and more that we have been looking for with this new operating system. Why? Because it was in part design by us, and built for all of us in mind, and that alone should say it all! In terms of the quality and the integrity that is behind and backing this product soon to be released.

For Windows 7 when released, and other great Microsoft products come visit my website at for the grand opening of the Microsoft Store you can’t miss not checking this out! Or should you have any questions, or comments with regard to any of the above, please feel free to contact me though my website at any time.

Thank You!
Myles H Patterson
MHP Enterprises Inc.

Myles Patterson has been working in the entertainment/corporate events industry for over 30 years.
During that time he has worked on a national, and international bases, in various capacities as a branch manager, general manager, director of operations, and finally director of his own company in 1997.
While working in an industry that is high end, and cutting edge, your product being goods, or services, must maintain the highest level of quality, durability, and support, to get recognized and be recognized in the communities of production managers, and corporate clients.
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