Lead Gmail Developer Predicts the Death of Chrome OS – I agree

Interesting story from Neowin:

Paul Buchheit, the creator of Google AdSense technology and the lead developer of Gmail, claims that Chrome OS will not still be here 12 months next year. This comes as quite a shock since Google has been so eager to get the OS and a testing device into developers’ hands by offering free devices to those who were chosen after filling out a simple application form.

The post appears on Paul Buchheit’s FriendFeed account – a service like Twitter created by Buchheit while he was at Google, and later sold to Facebook, stating that “ChromeOS will be killed next year (or “merged” with Android).”

I couldn’t agree more but for different reasons.

In a previous post , I had said that:

Google doesn’t have to worry about the corporate concerns when they build Chrome. They do have the luxury of having some space to try and make a good and new product but from the prototypes of the Chrome OS that I have seen, it seems that they are making a similar mistake to Microsoft. they are taking very cautious, natural and intuitive steps.

Think about the Chrome demos, they are starting from a very safe and logical place, the Chrome Browser.

While that may seem to make sense, it hardly seems very revolutionary and in fact, because people have the actual browser to compare it to, it seems clunky and a little awkward.

I stand by that.

I believe that Google have taken the LAZY, safe, logical and (yawn) boring approach with Chrome OS and as a result, it’s not going to be the major cloud OS that will garner widespread adoption.

Stay tuned for more in my ideal fantasy of what the ideal cloud OS should be

What do you guys think?

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