Leaked Image Shows Separate Volume Control Functions In Windows Phone 8.1

screenshot shows the multiple volume controls in action in the upcoming version of Microsoft’s mobile operating platform. It is simple and unassuming, but provides a lot of hope. Windows Phone 8.1 will no longer have users tiring from having to turn down their ringtone volume up or down after they finish listening to their music. And though the image above may be in Chinese, the small icons do tell the whole story. Plus, it comes from a (relatively) trusted source. This is obviously one of the many features Microsoft is planning to include in this update, including but not limited to, on-screen buttons (back, start, search), a notification center and a virtual assistant. And the best part is that all Windows Phone 8 handsets will be upgradable to Windows Phone 8.1 once it is released later this year, the company has confirmed.]]>

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