Leaked Image Shows The First Prestigio Windows Phone Handset

claimed, as the first image of the company’s debut Windows Phone device. Although you might not care too much about the name (it is being called the Prestigio PAP5507), but the design is pretty okay. The image might not be all that much clear in detail and definition, but it does show a thin case with rounded corners, along with a camera with flash at the back. In terms of hardware, it is being claimed that it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a 1.2GHz clock rate, and a 1280 by 768 resolution screen. The resolution might be a bit of a downer — more so if the screen size is somewhere in the 5-inch range. No information yet on the amount of memory or internal storage capacity, but the camera is said to be able to snap 8 megapixel shots. Overall, it looks like a decent enough package, and a welcome addition to the Windows Phone family, though as always, it will be the price point that will determine its success. We now await the price tag, release date and the list of markets it will be available in.]]>

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