Leaked Photo Confirms October Launch Date For Windows 8.1

While we have had several reports and rumors regarding the new and improved features of Windows 8.1, one thing that has varied a lot is the release date of the operating system.

But now we have another report that sheds more light on the matter.

A new leaked photo shows what appears to be a release schedule of Windows 8.1, the first major overhaul of Windows 8. And from the look of things, Microsoft seems to be sticking by its regular scheduled of releases.

That means the new OS is going to hit RTM status in August, while general availability is slated for October.

Obviously we do not have any official details on when the upcoming operating system is going to hit RTM status or the final release date from Microsoft, and there is no guarantee that the above picture is real, but this schedule is quite in line with previous reports.

Rumors that Windows 8.1 RTM would be available two months after the public beta have been going on for a while now.

Nevertheless, some even went as far to suggest that the final version of Windows 8.1 could be available as early as August, while others stuck with a September date. But most insiders have, nevertheless, hinted that Windows 8.1 will come just in time for the holiday season.

And October does indeed seem to be the right timing for it.

Microsoft may (or may not) share more details on the release date during the BUILD developer conference which is set to see the debut of the preview version of Windows 8.1. We should know next week if it does.

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