Leaked Screenshot Shows Windows 8.1 Will Include Alarm Apps

The absolute best thing about the development of Windows 8.1 is the constant stream of screenshots that pop up all over the web. Leaked builds are another thing, but screenshots propose a novel curiosity.

And this holds truer when the functionality of a particular feature remains unclear.

Take this newest screenshot for instance that just made its way to the Internet just a few hours back. It shows that Microsoft is working on something of an alarm app for Windows 8.1 (codename Blue), but as noted above the purpose remains quite vague for the time being.

As can be seen from the image above, the idea is to “Choose an app to show alarms”.

What this feature brings is anybody’s guess at this moment, but chances are that it may point to Metro apps that can deployed on the Lock screen as alarms — probably with the help of a new notifications system in Windows 8.1.

For the record, however, this particular feature does not seem to work in Windows 8.1 build 9385.

But now that it is out in the wild, chances are that we will be treated to more details on this in the next couple of weeks as we get closer to the public debut of the beta build next month.

Yes, next month, in late June, at the BUILD developer conference. Time sure does fly!

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