Leaked Slides Show Microsoft Is Working On A Universal Store Concept

images, posted by AngelWZR, show two different slides that detail Universal Store apps. Developers, it appears, will soon be able to create a single app that can target both platforms, Windows and Windows Phone. It all comes down to two Visual Studio UI projects that work with a shared template. This would allow the app to run on both platforms. Take a look at the images below: leak_slide_universal_apps_a leak_slide_universal_apps_b The second slide indicates that 80 percent of the XAML created by apps can be the same in both apps, while the remaining 20 percent would come down to the device that particular application is used on. Microsoft, obviously, is yet to comment on any of these reports. But things seem to be on a rather advanced planning stage right now, and the project now looks ready to get the green light from higher officials over at Redmond. If all goes well, we should see the merger of both the stores by the time Windows 9 comes around.]]>

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