Leaked Versions Of Windows RT 8.1 RTM Now Available

If there is one thing Microsoft is no stranger to, it’s leaks. The maker of some of the most popular software and operating systems in the world regularly finds its products leaked on the Internet, ahead of their official release dates.

And while the final RTM version of Windows 8.1 has been around for a while now, thanks to a number of leaked ISOs that made their ways to torrent and file sharing websites in late August, the RT version of not been sighted — until now.

The update to the company’s tablet oriented operating system has barely made the news, both during development and after hitting the RTM milestone. The reason for this is that Microsoft did not talk too much about it, while at the same time the company managed to keep it away from users.

But Windows RT 8.1 RTM got leaked online earlier today. Those of you who own an RT tablet (either the Surface RT or a slate from other vendors) can search for download it right away.

The popular Russian technology group WZOR is said to be the one that has managed to leak the RTM version. The build string for the RT version is 9600.16384.130821-1623 — which makes it the same as the regular x86 and x64 versions of the operating system.

File size is reportedly in the 2.43GB range.

In fact, many flavors of the operating system are up for grabs. These include ISOs that contain language packs, drivers and even Office 2013 RT. And from first look, they all seem to be the real deal — the official versions of the ARM based operating system that is scheduled to go live in October.

Windows RT 8.1 will officially make its debut in October, together with the desktop version of the OS.

As is usual the case, Microsoft does not recommend users to install leaked versions of its software, so waiting until October 18 until the operating system goes live is not the worse idea in the world.

More adventurous amongst you can, however, start looking for links.

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