Leaked Windows 8.1 Build 9471 Brings Several New Features

It has been a dry few months for technology enthusiasts that try out the latest beta versions of software before it is released. The last leaked Windows 8.1 build came out one fine May morning.

But as we just reported, another leaked version is doing the rounds.

Windows 8.1 build 9471 has now made its way to file sharing websites, and unlike some of the previous leaked versions of the upcoming operating system, this one support the x64 processor architecture.

And as you may have guessed, this new build brings with it not just several new features, but fixes for a number of bugs that have been reported by users of Windows 8.1 Preview over the past few weeks, making it worth a try for users that want to test out these new options.

Assigned Access for instance is said to be working, and this build also includes a new Charms tutorial. New contextual menu options have reportedly made the cut, along with the ability to choose a fully non-translucent Taskbar.

The People app has also been updated, and the Mail app now comes with the Power Pane and drag and drop features. Several other cosmetic changes are also in.

Those of you that want to try out this version can scout out the links, while the less adventurous among you might want to wait a little while more — the operating system is on track to hit RTM status any time now, and general availability should soon follow suit.

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