Leaked Windows 8.1 ISO Shows How Microsoft’s File Manager Looks Like

The various leaked builds of Windows 8.1 have provided us first glimpses of a number of features Microsoft has been working on for its upcoming update.

Another interesting detail came our way just now, this time a Metro file manager that is built into the upcoming Windows 8 upgrade, simply called “Files”.

Yup, no fuss, no mess — the simplest, yet most effective of names!

The vanilla Windows 8, obviously lacks such an application, and instead only allows users to manage (copy, move or delete) files using the desktop-based File Explorer.

A recent photo that Neowin has found gives us a peek at Metro’s file manager. And as you would expect, it currently comes with a very basic interface that, though understandably optimized for touch, only comes with the most essential features to perform the necessary actions.

But expect Microsoft to improve the app closer to release and add more functions.

No guarantees yet whether Microsoft does indeed plan to make “Files” part of the final release version of Windows 8.1, but with how things are shaping up, there is a distinct chance that it may.

Either way we should hopefully find out more about this come the end of June, at the BUILD developer conference. This is when Microsoft plans to release a public preview of this upcoming update to Windows 8. Rumors also suggest the Windows 8.1 to hit RTM status later in the summer.

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