Lenovo and BlueStacks Announce Partnership

Bluestacks is certainly on a roll. The company has brought their Android app-running technology to quite a few PC devices in recent times. From the Mac to AMD, the company continues to sign special agreements to bring the technology over pre-installed to specific PCs and even Windows 8 tablets.

Now it is Lenovo’s turn to partner with Bluestacks. Lenovo has already announced tons of new Windows 8 equipment at CES, so it isn’t surprising that part of their strategy is to also bring its users the ability to run Android apps right out of the box.

According to the terms of the deal, nearly 750,000 Android apps will supposedly work with select Windows 8 tablets, convertibles and laptops made by Lenovo.

Windows 8 represents a big push into the world of tablets, but the ecosystem is still developing. Getting a device with BlueStacks built-in is a good way for non-techies to still get a wide range of apps on their new Windows 8 tablets while also having the full legacy power of Windows.

This move is just another reason why I personally think there are more advantages to owning a Windows 8 tablet than going with a tablet running Windows RT. Keep in mind that’s just my opinion, though.

For those that don’t own an Asus, AMD, MSI, or Lenovo device– don’t worry. Installing BlueStacks on your own is actually pretty easy.¬†For more information about Lenovo’s new partnership with BlueStacks, hit the source link directly below.

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