Lenovo Believes Windows 8 Will Definitely Succeed

Hard to argue with a word like definitely! Add another one to the Windows 8 camp of those who believe Microsoft’s operating system is destined for success. This new arrival is Lenovo.

Redmond itself has been awfully coy about sales numbers, at least when it comes to details and breakdown. And market share statistics are not exactly point a rosy picture either. But most insiders are of the view that Windows 8 still has a few leagues to travel before it can be labelled a success.

At the very least it has failed to reignite the declining PC hardware market.

Hardware vendor Lenovo, on the other hand, is very confident about the prospects of Windows 8, and believes that the operating system will become a successful platform in the future.

Talking to TabTimes, Christopher Millward, the director of global communications for Lenovo’s MIDH group held a view that it was only a matter of time before the new platform starts gathering steam:

“We have a very long relationship with Microsoft on the PC business and we fully believe that it is going to be a successful platform in future. It may not have got off to the start Microsoft expected but a Windows 8 operating system optimized for touch is the future.”

A few companies recently attacked Redmond for breaking into the hardware business, but Millward maintains that Lenovo does not see Surface tablets as a potential rival:

“We certainly don’t feel threatened by it. More competition is generally good.”

Can’t disagree there, more competition is almost always good for the entire industry. The company also maintains that it will continue releasing products running Windows 8, with a whole new line up slated to hit store shelves this year.

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