Lenovo Reportedly Considering The Idea of Their Own Windows Phone 8 Hardware

At CES this year, Lenovo had a lot to show off in the smartphone department, this included a rather impressive 1080p Intel Clover Trail+ smartphone running on Android. The company continues to grow in the smartphone market, though they have yet to set their sets on the International market at this point.

At the moment, Lenovo’s phone efforts are based around Android, but considering how well Windows Phone seems to be doing in China (Lenovo’s target market), it isn’t surprising to hear new rumors indicating that Lenovo might be considering joining as the fifth Windows Phone 8 hardware partner.

According to ZDNet, Lenovo’s vice-president JD Howard said that there is a “good chance” we will see a Windows Phone device from Lenovo in 2013. Considering developing phones take time, this indicates the company is likely already testing out concept devices if they truly want to release something within the next 12 months.

From what is reported, it seems that the final decision on whether or not they will enter the Windows Phone business won’t be made for a few more months. This is probably to give them more time to observe the WP market both in China and abroad.

Speculation: Could Lenovo Bring out an Intel Windows Phone Device?

I’ll be honest, this is pure speculation but it doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

We’ve recently heard that Intel is toying around with the idea of making Intel-based Windows Phone devices, but is waiting around to see if Windows Phone 8 can gain enough traction to make the investment worthwhile.

We also now have rumors of Lenovo getting involved in the Windows Phone 8 world. Considering Lenovo has been one of Intels’ biggest smartphone partners, the idea seems not so far-fetched.

What do you think, could Lenovo and Intel be toying on the idea of working on a new Windows Phone 8 handset similar to the Lenovo K900? IF Lenovo released a device and decided to brave the international and U.S. market would you be willing to consider such a phone?

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