Lenovo Says Businesses Don’t Want Windows RT Tablets

If a pretty penny was given every time someone stated the obvious, a fair few people would be incredibly rich by now. The obvious fact is that Redmond has positioned its RT platform towards consumers that want a Windows tablet.

Microsoft itself has made the distinction quite clear — the technology titan sees the Surface RT as a consumer tablet, and aims the Surface Pro fairly and squarely at power users and businesses.

And even before the release of the Surface Pro, several business organizations made their plans known that they were holding out buying the RT and instead preferred to wait for the Pro version of Microsoft’s tablet that had the ability to run the full version of Windows 8.

Lenovo’s Think PC and visual category manager Simon Kent, talking to PCWorld revealed that the hardware maker has found that the companies prefer the full experience of Windows 8, instead of the toned down feel of Windows RT. He was quoted as saying:

“We don’t believe that Windows RT is what businesses want.”

But there is obviously another side to this story. Since taking over things from IBM, Lenovo has focused primarily on the business market. It does release products targeting end consumers, but enterprises still remain the bread and butter of the hardware maker.

And while most large PC hardware vendors have posted disappointing sales numbers for the past year or two, Lenovo has been doing pretty alright thanks to its focus on the business sector.

Lenovo currently sells only one Windows RT device — the Yoga 11 convertible notebook tablet.

Still, there is no word whether Lenovo has scrapped plans for more Windows RT devices in the near future, or if the company definitely wants out of the RT game.

The businesses may not be embracing Windows RT just yet. And that is a fair point given the platform is just not ready yet. But there is a fair enough chance that Windows RT may yet gain a higher level of acceptance in the business world a couple of years down the road when it is more established.

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