Lenovo Starts Offering Start Button And Windows 7 On Its New Computers

Different people have different ways to cope with things. Same goes for companies, it seems. Business leader Lenovo has now started offering the option of a third-party Start Menu on its new PCs.

Not just that, it is also offering customers automatic downgrades to Windows 7.

According to a new report at The Channel, Lenovo has found an easy way out of the anti-Windows 8 sentiments, particularly for business users. All PCs aimed at enterprises are now downgraded to Windows 7 by default.

Windows 8 is offered on a separate disc for those that want to deploy Microsoft’s latest operating system. Ouch!

And for those that choose Windows 8, Lenovo is offering a Start button as well, as part of its software bundle, allowing users an easy way to deal with this apparent shortcoming of the new OS.

It is not yet known how these are affecting sales, though. But the hardware vendor apparently either wants to attract more buyers, or wants to make sure sales don’t go down, at least until Windows Blue hits the store shelves.

And just in case you did not know, Chinese hardware giant Lenovo is the world’s second-largest PC manufacturer just behind HP. It currently enjoys a 14.8 percent share of the market, and the company enjoys particularly deep connections in the enterprise and business sector.

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