Lenovo To Increase Focus On Touch Notebooks From Now On

Compared to other PC vendors, Lenovo seems to be doing alright. While several hardware makers reported double digit decline in sales this year, the Chinese company revealed some solid showing.

But Lenovo has long outlined its plans to establish itself as the biggest PC maker in the world, and to do so it needs to excel in every section of the market — not just business and enterprise. This may be a long term goal, yes, but the hardware maker is willing to start now.

In fact, it has reportedly decided that it wants to ship 100 million IT products this year.

But even more interesting are the rumors that touch enabled notebooks are going to play an important part in this new strategy.

Lenovo plans to use Glass film film-type (GFF) based touch panels in its products. These are provided by Chinese (O-Film) and Taiwanese (Youngfast, Jtouch, Muto Optronics) companies.

The company is said to announce its new mass production target later today or tomorrow — that means May 28 or May 29.

And speaking of targets, Lenovo recently announced record fiscal year and fourth quarter results, which pretty much made it the fastest growing company in the IT industry. The compiled financial results for the fiscal year 2012-2013 which ended on March 31 were revealed last week.

The company’s revenue for the fourth quarter set a new record of $7.8 billion. While revenues for the whole year also set a record of $34 billion.

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