Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Almost Here, Powered By Broadwell

buzz on the bazaar is that the Yoga 3 Pro is to be powered by Intel Broadwell based processors, the latest Core M architecture. The Intel Core M-5Y70 SoC is the fastest chip in the Broadwell Y lineup, working at speeds of 1.1GHz, with burst speeds of up to 2.6GHz in Turbo Mode. That should give the upcoming convertible a remarkably amazing battery life, keeping in mind that these new chips require just 4.5 watts to operate, compared to the previous generation Haswell-U that required 17 watts to run. Other hardware specifications include up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, along with a 13.3-inch display with QHD resolution of 3,200 x 1,800 pixels, just like the previous model in the series. These new details arrive via online store listings in Denmark, Finland and Sweden, and they further reveal that Lenovo is planning the traditional orange casing, along with a new gold and white one. Price? Expect to pay €1,300 in Europe, though the US retail tag will surely be markedly lower.]]>

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