Lenovo Yoga: combined Windows 8 Tablet and Ultrabook

Lenovo Yoga 2

Lenovo Yoga 2

The Lenovo Yoga is a combo Tablet/UltraBook that puts it all together for a one piece fits all approach.

The Yoga is a Windows 8 Ultrabook with a 13.3-inch screen that uses a dual-hinge design that bends back 360 degrees to also form a tablet with 10 point multitouch capability.

It goes from a Windows 8 notebook to a tablet with just a bend of the display, taking full advantage of the Windows 8 capability.

The primary advantage of the Yoga method over that of the detachable screen is the ability to use the bottom keyboard part as a stand for the touchscreen at any desired angle.

When used as a tablet it brings a high-definition 13-inch slate to the table, running at 1600×900 for tremendous touch tablet operation.

The device is only 0.67 inches thick and 3.1 pounds for easy operation in any configuration. Lenovo claims the Yoga will get up to 8 hours battery life, a decent run time for a full Ultrabook.

The Yoga looks like a fit for those primarily wanting an Ultrabook, with occasional use as a tablet.

Here’ s some video of the device

The Lenovo Yoga is expected to hit the market the second half of 2012, at an estimated starting price of $1,199.

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