Lenovo Yoga Pocket Concept was Originally A Very Small Laptop Hybrid

Lenovo Yoga 13 has already launched, and the Yoga 11 Windows RT variant is one its way. Did you know that there was a third Yoga variant originally in works? Yep, the so-called “Pocket Yoga”. This very tiny looking “laptop” has a form factor that looks a lot like a cellphone with a much larger and more functional keyboard thrown on. Lenovo’s Facebook page has now posted up the above image of the Yoga Pocket, asking users if they would have bought one if Lenovo had made the concept as a true commercial project. For the most part, Facebook comments have been negative, so it’s probably best that Lenovo throws the idea out. You have to wonder what was inside this thing, though. We know it had two USB ports on the side, but what kind of hardware power? Considering its size, it was more than likely running on an ARM processor. Interestingly enough, Microsoft has expressed that Windows 8/RT is only being targeted at 10-inch or larger tablets, so you have to wonder what OS this would have ran. Being part of the Yoga series, it would have to be Windows. Being ARM, it would either be Windows RT, Windows Embedded 8 or Windows Phone 8. Considering Microsoft has been clear that it won’t put Windows Phone 8 on a tablet, the only real option would have been RT or Embedded. Trying to use the desktop functions of RT (like Office, Windows Explorer, etc) would have probably been a nightmare on such a tiny screen. As for Windows Embedded 8, it would have had limited support and functionality on a laptop device. Sounds like the Yoga Pocket was a failure from the start. Strange form factor and a screen that probably doesn’t play nice with Windows 8/RT. That being said, I actually think it looks pretty awesome. Yes, using it would probably be a total disaster, but there is something about this thing that looks pretty sleek. What do you think of the Lenovo Pocket Yoga concept? Glad they seem to be ditching the idea or do you wish they would have proceeded? [ source ]]]>

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