Lenovo’s IdeaPad Tablet could get Windows 8 by Q1 2012?

  • the IdeaPad Tablet K1
  • the ThinkPad Tablet
  • the IdeaPad Tablet P1)
  • All of which are due to land in Q4 of 2011. All three devices will hit the UK in Q4 of 2011, according to official Lenovo announcements. Adrian Horne, communications manager at Lenovo Western Europe, spoke about the upgrade to Windows 8. ‘We are still in the early development phases of Windows 8 product support and as yet we have not defined backwards compatibility,’ said Horne. He added: ‘Once we begin finalising product testing and a Windows 8 launch program, we’ll be in a position to assess compatibility of the full product portfolio. We expect this to be later this year and early in 2012.’ We’ll look forward to updates from Lenovo from late 2011. Source]]>

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