Less Than 400 Days Remain Before Windows XP Is Plugged Off

The countdown clock reaches another milestone. Only four hundred days remain between now and end of support for Windows XP. And believe you me it will not take all that long for this time to pass.

Windows XP will be officially retired in 1 year and 21 days, starting today.

Or in other words 386 days — remember the old 386 and 486 computers, boy, those were the days. Not sure they have the processing power to handle Windows XP, but a lot of other old computers do, hence the reason why the OS remains the second most popular operating system in the world.

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts to convince businesses and enterprises to upgrade from the 11-year old operating system, Windows XP is installed on more than 39 percent of PCs worldwide.

Sure, that figure is falling, but it is falling at a criminally low rate.

All the while Redmond has to set aside resources and teams to take care of issues and vulnerabilities that show up for the operating system. Analysts and security experts have been warning that it will soon become an outdated and highly vulnerable operating system without updates from Microsoft.

Businesses and users still have time to upgrade to a new version of Windows — either Windows 7 or Windows 8. All said and done, the final countdown for Windows XP continues towards its support end date of April 8, 2014.

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