LG Has No Immediate Plans For Windows Phone 8

LG and the Windows Phone platform have a bit of a history together. The company jumped early into Microsoft’s mobile platform party back in October 2010 with a couple of models. But the company has not released any new devices since then.

Regardless there were more than one unconfirmed reports that the company was planning new Windows 8 Phone handsets. But a representative from the company quashed those rumors.

An unnamed LG spokesperson at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress talking to CNET claimed that the Korean technology giant has no plans to make any Windows Phone 8 smartphones — for now, at least.

The spokesperson said the company may yet change its mind in the future:

“When there’s a significant market for it, we will be on board.”

The reason for this, you ask? LG apparently does not see enough demand for such a device at the moment. I will leave the guessing part to you, whether this is because of slow Windows Phone uptake, or the fact that the company is startled and nervous because of a certain Finnish company’s success.

Smartphones from Nokia have gone a long way in helping the Windows Phone platform gain significant traction in the smartphone marketplace, not just in the consumer segment but enterprise sector as well.

In many ways this leaves the enterprise sector open for Nokia — and subsequently Microsoft to increase their foothold in the enterprise arena.

Nokia has slowly and steadily been building up its enterprise portfolio with the latest lineup of Lumia devices, with several companies recently announcing deals of transitioning over to the newest Windows Phone 8 smartphones from the company.

If anything, it now has enough pull that establishments are now dumping BlackBerry devices to move over to Lumia smartphones powered by the Windows Phone 8 platform.

How much LG loses out on this, if at all, will be clear in the near future.

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